Yasmine Kimiko Yamada

Ice Skating, my passion   Eiskunstlaufen, meine Leidenschaft    アイススケート,, 私の情熱


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Yasmine Kimiko


Zurich / Switzerland

Eislauf Club Zurich

Stanislav Samohin

Olga Volozhinskaya

149.11 / Sportland Trophy

WC-Participation 2016 in Bosten / USA

I was born on 30 August 1997 in Zurich. My father is a Japanese and lives longer in Switzerland than in Japan and my mother is a real Zurich woman.

Since my 3 years older sister was much on the ice, my mother started the trainer education and teaches to this day on the Dolder Icerink. So I found a second home on the Dolder.

For many years I emulated my older sister Désirée, looked and copied. At about 4 years I also started to take skating lessons

Much joy accompanied me over the years on the ice.

At the age of 10 I was able to take part in the first Swiss Championship of the category "MINI"
 and was second up. At the age of 12 I passed the Gold-Test and I was sent to compete for my first international competition in Amsterdam.

In 2011 I was admitted to the junior national team. The Swiss Ice Skating Federation sent me to other international competitions and junior Grand Prix abroad.

In 2015 I wanted to change my training to train in America. I found a training at Igor Samohin, which gave me optimal conditions and could develop quickly in this environment.

In the 2015/2016 season, I managed to qualify as the only one swiss senior lady for the World Championships in Boston, USA.

This event showed me my way, and I decided, along with my family, to go this route further.